Understanding God Takes Tolerance: Enter Shari Sharifi Brown’s 



Understanding God Takes Tolerance: Enter Shari Sharifi Brown’s 


When Shari Sharifi Brown enters a room one immediately senses a unique presence, an intuitive sense that  the joy within her is the infallible sign of the presence of God.  

Why 7  Commandments when we all have been taught there were 10 Commandments.  Because in fact Shari has created an active faith  formula to enable those who are confused and overwhelmed by the task of reading scripture (any scripture, the Old and New Testament excluding the Qur’an ) that there are only really  7  when you eliminate repetition and redundancy. Her vision is a phenomenal new tool to  help us better understand scripture to enable us to pray more often, thereby enhancing our personal faith in God, which would increase happiness, which in return  increases  our odds at achieve prosperity. It’s a formula that only someone with Shari’s unique background and outstanding abilities  could arrive at that make her a definitive  authority on both science and spirituality.   

The perfect trifecta for today’s world, Shari is part Muslim (born) Christian (converted) and Jewish American (married) andthe author a provocative new book SEVEN COMMANDMENTS FOR HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY  which challenges the reader to re-see the world with more tolerant eyes. Blessed by universal wisdom, she is proof of  living all three of the Abrahamic religions which has given her a profound understanding of their innate compatibility. She has absorbed the great prophets of Einstein, Mohammed, Moses and Jesus, and so her book is a testament to her lifetime of studying all three major religions to make us whole and secure. Understanding the similarities of the three outweigh the differences. Wisdom is searching not only the roots of our past, but the roots of our future, that humanity prospers. Shari’s  book seeks nothing less than a global shift in consciousness and perspectives of the human condition and current needs

Understanding God takes tolerance: as a  religious scholar,  Shari’s book clearly illustrates that the Quran and Islam regard Jews and Christians as children of Abraham:  first the Jews through the prophet Moses and then to Christians through the prophet Jesus. They recognize many of the same biblical prophets, in particular Moses and Jesus, and those are common Muslim names. Another common Muslim name is Mary. In fact, the Virgin Mary’s name occurs more times in the Quran than in the New Testament; Muslims also believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. However, they believe that over time the original revelations to Moses and Jesus became corrupted. The Old Testament is seen as a mixture of God’s revelation and human fabrication. The same is true for the New Testament and what Muslims see as Christianity’s development of “new” and erroneous doctrines such as  Jesus is the Son of God and that Jesus’ death redeemed and atoned for humankind’s original sin.

There are, of course, great similarities between the world’s two largest religions. Both point to a holy book, allegedly inspired by God, for faith and practice. Both call for high moral standards and serious personal commitment. Both share common traditions, since Muhammad learned from Jews as well as Christians. And both have a vision to spread their faith around the world.

Shari emphasizes that it is important that each faith is represented fairly and that each faith stands on its own merits, that Christianity is not judged for not being Islam and Islam not portrayed as  deficient when compared with Christianity. They are different with similarities or similar with differences, we can and should acknowledge both and not make what is different difficult. Shari explores Christian Muslim identity and explains  the differences creatively, and, of course, positively. True Christians and Muslims are not a threat to each other.  By consolidating the 19 total commandments from all 3 major world religions into 7 Commandments that embrace all 3, Shari creates a “Faith Formula” to bridge the human to human divide. The focus shifts from perceived spiritual and religious differences to what we have in common, and how focusing on these 7 commandments along with the habit of positive praying begets happiness.

Born and raised  in Iran, Shari completed her engineering studies at Harvard University in Tehran. In

Shari Sharifi Brown

1967, Shari immigrated to America and ever since been on a roll: currently President of TransGlobal Consulting Engineering Corp. Shari was employed as a structural engineer by the prestigious international engineering company Ralph M Parsons, Pasadena California from May 1974 to September 1976.  She was assigned to work on the underground building  called “SarCheshmeh , the  secret nuclear project for the Iranian government because she was able to bridge an understanding between the two countries. Her requirements to fulfill were very specific: design and analyze various steel-reinforced concrete structures to make them impenetrable from any bunker-busting bombs or crazed suicide-bombers. While there was absolutely no harness on her budgets, her sound engineering abilities assured that the beams, columns, slabs and footings met all the rigid American ACI 318-71 code specifications which virtually guaranteed they were fail safe. Shari is very empathic that the Americans are incomparably the best engineers in the world, and that the Iranians are at least 32 years behind as far as science and technology is concerned.

Shari converted to Christianity in 1998.  For Shari, success and spirituality are two sides of a coin: a balance of both sides of  life’s path, Shari says “It is not the clothes we wear or the cars we drive, or a dry empty rhetoric we belch, nor is it the churches we attend that gives us spirituality, happiness and prosperity”.  In the pendulum of existence, spirituality gives us a oneness with God that will lighten the darkest of days. Without spirituality and faithfulness to prayer , we erect an iron curtain around the soul.  Following Shari’s  Seven Commandments and her prescription for positive prayer  will help handle life’s difficulties with  optimism, happiness, and faith, encouraging one’s life and  soul to prosper.  In the dark of night, listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.

The great gift of Shari’s new book The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity is that  one learns the power of positive praying because prayer begets happiness and prosperity. Shari’s life is proof positive that her faith formula works.

Extraordinary women are usually married to extraordinary men. Shari’s spouse is the legendary Edward G. Brown, Record and TV producer, songwriter, restaurant and nightclub owner, a founder of banks and a real estate developer, a financial manager and co-owner of the Cohen-Brown Management Company with clients in over 50 countries and 12 languages. Shari and Mr. Brown live in Malibu and have a Penthouse on the Wilshire corridor.




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