Rockin K Trail Runs in Marquette, April 7

Date: April 07, 2018

Time: 7:00 am

The Rockin’K trail run is four interconnected loop trails. These are the Horsethief Canyon Trail, Prairie Trail, Alum Creek Trail, and Big Bluff loops. Horsethief Canyon connects to Prairie Trail at Gate #1; Prairie Trail connects to Alum Creek Trail at gate #2 ; Alum Creek connects to the Big Bluff loop at gate #6. A simplistic description of the run is that you are going to run the north half of each loop going out, and the south half of each loop coming back.

The first Rockin’K loop is the marathon loop. All runners will complete this loop. The 50-mile runners will run the course a second time, taking Alexander’s cutoff at gate #4 in the Alum Creek loop. On the second loop the 50-mile runners will not run the full Alum Creek loop. Please take note that Alexander’s cutoff is to be run only during the second loop, and only by 50-mile entrants.


Kanopolis Lake State Park  
200 Horsethief Rd.
Marquette, KS 67464



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