Naughty Mother Nature?


Naughty Mother Nature?

‘I Like to Watch the Hatch’ Tee

Can you turn away? Should you look away? The ‘PG’ rating is this: A pic that reminds you of Mother Nature at its finest. You know…that blessed ‘circle of life’ stuff where creatures keep ‘buzzing’ so habitats can thrive, and generations of their species can live on. Oh. So your mind
The Hatchis one of those that goes in the ‘R’ rating direction, huh? Fine. Here we have a pic of romance in the air, and even though this may look a bit naughty or risqué, you think of the beautiful days and nights filled with hunting, fishing, staying in the woods under the moonlight waiting for your own creature to come forth so you can… Okay. Too much. Let’s try for ‘PG-13’, shall we? As the cold months come along, this lovely duo will remind you of how to stay warm on those winter nights ahead. This is the great outdoors, where the gift of ‘hatching’ is something you will remember forever. (But also remember this, guys. When it comes to humans, make sure SHE remembers how YOU ‘buzz’, or YOUR time being stuck in the great outdoors will become way longer than you want it to be.)



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