“The Deepest Dark” by Joan Hall Hovey is a Definite Walk on the “Creepy” Side


“The Deepest Dark” by Joan Hall Hovey is a Definite Walk on the “Creepy” Side

~ Amy Lignor


For those who love sinking into a comfortable chair and enjoying the ultimate ‘creepfest’, this is it. Abby Miller is an author who is locked in the throes of a deep depression, as her family (husband and daughter), have been recently killed in an The Deepest Dark, Joan Hall Hovey, Book Review by Amy Lignorautomobile accident. Understandably, Abby has been unable to write or get any peace of mind whatsoever, so she has decided to visit her cabin on Loon Lake where her family spent their last vacation together in order to get a few days relaxation and attempt to do some writing.


Abby most definitely regrets the decision she made not to reveal the location to even her closest friend. After all, it is the darkest moment of her life, and she’s pulling up to an unknown house for relaxation with nothing more than a purse full of pills that will hopefully take care of her.


But in the meantime, three criminals have escaped prison and are heading in the same direction. There is a double murder in the area when the prisoners break into a house owned by an elderly couple who have just finished watching television. After making that kill, Abby is the one they stumble upon – all alone and perfect for becoming a hostage in a frightening scheme.


Readers will be chilled by a cabin at Loon Lake, and nothing will be able to draw your attention away.


Source:  Baret News Wire


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