Pluto has a heart shaped tattoo!


Pluto has a heart shaped tattoo!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! ahhh, here we go!
Now I have often said the only way you can get noticed these days is if you have sleeve tattoos, a ring in your bottom lip that show your teeth, or you aim a gun in public … the old tried and true methods of simply standing on a box in public and telling the world how you feel .. it doesn’t work. Case in point, when our scientists recently … not immediately recently .. but recent in .. 2006 determined that Pluto wasn’t anymore of a planet .. a real planet, than say Pluto from the Disney cartoons .. they called it names .. Dwarf planet… they simply discredited it and changed every 3d model and science book we read growing up. Up until now .. now because Pluto has a tattoo .. a heart shaped tattoo.

Tell me your not shallow astronomers. It took Pluto showing a little skin to get noticed. And to make sure scientist don’t get caught with their telescope down, again. They added the statement “MAYBE Pluto is a little bigger than we thought.” Scientific you’re kinda making Pluto into that date that you had that you were not sure was pretty. So you kept saying things to your friends that you liked about the person, to get their approval. Astronomers make the commitment, call it a planet again, leave it alone. Cause no offense, but Pluto’s been around longer than you, and always will be. And probably doesn’t think you’re much of an Astronomer. I’m guessing Pluto is thinking you’re the one with the size problem.

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