One Giant “Please Hire Me” For Mankind


One Giant “Please Hire Me” For Mankind

by Amy Lignor


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Well…if you already heard the words: If Trump is our President I’m becoming British (you can also insert, Irish, Italian, Russian, etc., here), then you’ve most likely been listening to politics. And it seems that NASA is one of the programs that is proving people are becoming desperate to get the heck out of here before ideas like “The Walking Dead” become real…or, yes, Mr. Reality Show actually does end up with the launch keys in his hand.


NASA hasn’t been heard about much lately. The world turned when the Space Shuttle program was nixed and retired in 2011. But, recently, news was issued that the space agency was asking for astronaut applications – and a record 8,000 people immediately responded. But the 8,000 wasn’t it by a long shot. On Friday, the space agency let everyone know that the amount of applications now received to join the 2017 astronaut class has beyond doubled, reaching 18,300.


Charles Bolden, administrator of NASA, said he was not surprised because many want to “personally contribute to blazing the trail on our Journey to Mars….a group who will once again launch to space from U.S. soil on American-made spacecraft.”


Now, of course, applications need many things to even get reviewed. Having an advanced science degree is just a start. This is one of the toughest programs to get into, and blasting off to Mars would be one of the toughest jobs ever seen. NASA experienced a downfall, with ranks of astronauts thinning out over the years. Now, applications are never-ending, but the chance to take a flight has dropped by 90 percent without the shuttle program. So NASA set a new goal and has been working as hard to achieve it as they did when it came to placing a man on the moon so long ago. They believe they can send humans to the surface of Mars by the 2030s, but their current funding is not close to what they will need to achieve that goal. To break it down, the first human mission (Orion spacecraft) won’t be seen most likely until 2023, and it will be a flyby, not a landing. There is no actual event on the books when it comes to landing on Mars.


This does not stop the rise in people wanting like heck to get out of here, though, and NASA is what they want. It may be surprising to hear, but NASA has actually gained 15 million Twitter followers, and Hollywood movies like “The Martian” is awakening interest in scientists that had never thought of space travel as being a part of their future before.


Sad part? There will be tens of thousands of applications before this is over…only to end up with NASA taking 8-14 candidates.


But are astronauts the only ones who want out of here? Not a chance. Virgin Galactic and its owner Sir Richard Branson have not disappeared. On Friday, it was announced that Virgin’s second space ship, “Unity,” will begin test flights. If you remember, “Enterprise,” the first shot at bringing people off the planet by Branson, broke apart in 2014. In that case, human error was blamed after an NTSB investigation, but co-pilot Michael Alsbury was killed, and pilot Pete Siebold was badly injured.


Will “Unity” have more luck? Perhaps. After all, none other than Stephen Hawking, who plans one day to fly on it, named the craft. At the unveiling, Hawking sent a pre-recorded statement saying: “Space exploration has already been a great unifier — we seem able to cooperate between nations in space in a way we can only envy on Earth. Taking more and more passengers out into space will enable them and us to look both outwards and back, but with a fresh perspective in both directions. It will help bring new meaning to our place on Earth and to our responsibilities as its stewards, and it will help us to recognize our place and our future in the cosmos — which is where I believe our ultimate destiny lies.”


Elegant speech as always from the smartest man. But, Branson’s response? He made sure to tell all in attendance that the Galactic Girl on the side of Spaceship Unity now carries a banner using an image of Stephen Hawking’s eye.


His eye? What is this, Big Brother? Let’s just hope Hawking’s brain was what designed and made this second craft, because if things continue like this, millions will want “off this planet” as fast as possible. And all the NASA jobs will be full.


Source:  Baret News


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