Love thy neighbor, hell, film thy neighbor & go viral!

Love thy neighbor, hell, film thy neighbor & go viral!


I am Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! ahhh, Here we go!
Today I am going to start off with a question: Do you know your neighbors? Do you know their names? Do you know anything about them? Because in the old days, which is not too long ago, so you don’t think I am 70 or something like that. Not too long ago, you knew the folks on your block, in your community, that’s why they call it a community. Now fast forward to today and I am browsing on Facebook, you know, one of the many social media communities that single handedly has killed the art of communication and real community. So I am scrolling mindlessly through it for, the second time, and I see a post about a “Friend”, I’m air quoting, who talks about Situational Awareness. He proceeds to explain how he was watching outside his window, only to see a woman who is finishing her run and slows to a walk while on her phone. Then he describes the coyote rapidly gain speed on her, but ultimately passing her. Two things worth mentioning, one: Ok, I agree we are so locked and socked into our technology that talking to folks these days, can be like a deer in the headlights. Two: What the heck! you were watching this woman instead of possible saving her life.

This maybe the reason we don’t have communities and instead we have friends, followers and likes. We now have a society of rubber neckers. We watch and report it back to social media. I’m convinced that the only way folks get to know their neighbors, these days, is if they have a house fire. Then you’ll have all your neighbors over, phones in hand, and film at 11!
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