Cops Like Giving Tickets & I Give Advice


Cops Like Giving Tickets & I Give Advice


I’m Will Roberts and this is the Daily Scream, Ahhh, here we go!

Well, folks today I want to take you down to memory lane. I had something happen yesterday, and I want you all to experience the same outcome I did. Now this has not happened to me in 20 years and maybe won’t ever happen again. Here’s the deal: I am driving in Los Angeles and I am at a stop light about to turn left. So while I am stopped, I decide that I am going to grab my phone and tell Siri to give me directions to go home. Just as I did that, I hear (Siren sound) a siren and it scared the heck out of me. So I pull into a parking lot and roll my window down. The officer comes up, and I launch into the dumb driver pitch.
“Why am I being pulled over,” “I don’t understand,” and he says, “you were talking on your phone” Then I said, hey I was at a stop light, and the phone was not up to my head and I was using Siri, and she’s not real you know. So, first tip folks, cops don’t think you’re funny, even if you do that for a living.
Then he asks me for my Drivers license and registration. Mean while, I am still busy tell the cop what is right and wrong about that law. “It’s not a clear law sir.” “I just moved here from Vegas,,” I tried everything. He simply said I’ll be right back. To make a long story longer, he’s heading back, and he has a ticket book in his hand. So of course, like any other true red-blooded American, I tried again to tell him why I should not get a ticket. “What happened to the old days when Barney five pulled you over and knew your first name and would say. “I ‘ll let you off with warning.” Now by this time I can see the officer was not happy that I was pressing him hard, and he said “Are you telling me what to do?” at that point. I just shut up. NOW, here is the part that dropped my jaw. He pushed the pen and the ticket book to me and said “SIGN THIS before I change my mind.” Folks, it was a warning! Not a ticket, I didn’t even realize they still printed those books still.

Moral of the story: Sometimes we just need to … shut up and let people do their job. I don’t like to have people tell me how to do my job, do you?
What about you. Here’s your chance to call my FREE 800 number and leave a message 1-866-381-9455. 15-30 second long, telling me what state your in, first name and what you think about ticket happy cops. You might be on the end of the week Daily Scream! And win a prize!

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