“Assault and Pepper” is no Girlie Band


“Assault and Pepper” is no Girlie Band

Author Leslie Budewitz Offers the Perfect Cozy

Book Review by Amy Lignor


Pepper Reece is owner of the Seattle Spice Shop and has come up against some trying times in her not too distant past. Pepper left her marriage, lost a job she loved due to a corporate crash, and is now the owner Author Leslie Budewitz Offers the Perfect Cozy,  Book Review by Amy Lignorof this spice and tea shop located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. She has a yen for preparing creations of spice and tea combinations that bring the customers in for a cup of her refreshing tea one right after the other; not to mention, visits from other shopkeepers and a group of regulars that frequent the Market.


Somehow, you knew the peace couldn’t last… A panhandler by the name of Doc, turns up on her store’s doorstep holding a Seattle Spice Shop cup in his hand, leading to the unveiling of a crime where the police arrest one of Pepper’s employees, Tory Finch, for murder. Tory seems to know why she’s a suspect, but is not giving any clue as to why she feels that way. Pepper is sure that Tory is innocent and decides to investigate, but with that choice comes her own name being added to the killer’s ‘to do’ list.

Now a little something for the gourmet, as there is a new amateur detective in the area named Pepper with a recipe box filled with spices and other scrumptious foods. Set in Seattle, this is the perfect read for a few hours of not doing anything but enjoying yourself. Because along with a first rate story comes a few ‘Recipes and Spice Notes’ that the Spice Shop recommends. As you enjoy the read, look forward to creating dipping sauces, Frittata’s, and other mouth-watering dishes in your very own kitchen.


Source:  Baret News Wire


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