2 B Jenner or NOT 2 B Jenner, that is the question!


2 B Jenner or NOT 2 B Jenner, that is the question!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream.


Ok, so I have tried to avoid this conversation, for a while.  This conversation that only the parties involved should be having,  Ok, Bruce Jenner and his switch from a man to a woman. See I just don’t think it’s anyone business what you do in the comfort of your own home,  in your bedroom, with your texting or sexting. Unless you turn your home into a hit Reality TV show. There is a ton of folks that decided to do things in their life every day that are life changing. Divorce, admit they are gay, tell someone they stole something, that happens a lot in Washington DC, I imagine.   But again, if you make your life into a three ring circus, don’t be surprised if people buy tickets.  Oh and Mrs, Mrs,  Bruce, Jenner. Please let us know when it is official and how and what to call you. I have been in theater for 25 years, and the name is NORMALLY the first thing to go. So, Please let’s put that out there soon, so you can be official.  And we are insulting to you by calling you Mr. Bruce Jenner, Help us out here. But if this naming or your new life becomes a reality show, You’ll lose my vote. The media will alway put you on the air to tell your story, you now have a choice to let the story be true or just another story the media spins for ratings.
Good luck!


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